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Leather Cat Leash

Leather Cat Leash

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Hold onto your whiskers – we've got the ultimate accessory for your regal feline! 

Meow-ve over regular old leashes. Introducing our purr-fectly chic Soft Leather Cat Lead.  This accessory is fit for the absolute divas cats were born to be. 

Made of soft leather,  matched with luxurious golden hardware, our Soft Leather Cat lead comes in colors that are so trendy, even the paps will be tweeting about them. From sassy pinks to charismatic blues, we've got it all.

Pair this leash up with our Leather Cat collar and prepare for the "ooohs" and "aaahs" as your kitty struts by, owning their runway like true meow-dels.

Product Details

  • Soft durable leather.
  • Sturdy D-ring.
  • Chic gold clasps.

Sizing Chart

Length : 120 cm

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