dash with leather collar

We are Flooof'd

What happens when a crazy cat mom's passion for style and pets collide? Magic – pure and simple!  Our founder's love for animals and the obsession with all things chic led to the birth of  Flooof’d, a place where your pets get to be the fashionistas that they were born to be. We believe that pets deserve to have it all – after all, they're our fur kids who deserve to be spoiled! 

Elara in corduroy dog collar

Why Let Humans Have All the Fun?

Who says humans should have all the fun with fashion? We strongly believe that pets are our babies and they deserve the best. Our collars and leashes are designed to make your pet the talk of the town – and the envy of their furry friends. With Flooof'd, your pet's accessory game will be so on point, they'll have everyone "pawsing" in admiration.

leather cat collar

Never BASIC.

We are anything but BASIC. With our collection of trendy and fun accessories that come in a rainbow of colours, we are redefining the pet fashion game. From bright pinks to pastel blues, we have something for everyone.  So join us in celebrating the quirky, the sassy, the adorable and the utterly fabulous little flooofballs that make our life so much better! 

A note from our CFO (Chief Flooof Officer)

Hello Hoomans, 

Allow me to spill the beans about the inspiration behind Flooof'd. Yes, you guessed it right , it was I, with my irresistible charm and undeniable influence, who sparked the creation of Flooof'd.

And now, after much anticipation and of course my expert  guidance, we proudly unveil our brand and its expansive collection. A curated selection that radiates the essence of chic and comfort, we've got stuff that you & your flooofy buddies will love.

We hope these treasures find their way into your homes and hearts, adding a sprinkle of magic to your everyday moments.


AL, The goodest cat